Templates that extend beyond the first draft.

Define the terms to be negotiated within your contracts. Re-use standard clauses from your negotiation playbook on-the-fly.

Visual contracts with simple, negotiable terms.

Review contracts in a simple interface with all open terms represented visually. Adjust positions and submit offers in real-time with a few clicks.

synergist responsive

A detailed audit trail from beginning to end.

Securely record all updates and changes in a chronological timeline. Track who updated their position or added new terms, when the changes were made and why.

Always know where you stand.

Be notified when positions change or updates are made to your deals. Receive a summary of the terms you’ve agreed and share deal updates with stakeholders instantly.

Give something up, get something back.

Explore different ways to reach consensus on contract terms by suggesting suggest trades that are conditional on receiving something in return.

(Q4 2016)

Find out what it takes to reach agreement.

Disclose offers and preferences confidentially to synergist. Safely explore which options or concessions would be required to reach agreement without putting all of your cards on the table.

(Q1 2017)

Autopilot for negotiations.

Set desired terms and negotiation thresholds for deals ahead of time. Let our automated, rules-based engine (SynerBot) negotiate terms on your behalf.

(Q2 2017)

Automate the steps between contract draft and signature. Fill the gaping hole left by other contract management solutions.

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