Define your individual contract standards.

Create templates with your desired contract terms and any predefined options you’re willing to consider. Empower your team to safely accommodate a partner’s contract requirements using pre-approved terms and without needing to involve specialist resources.

Find common ground with your customers.

Identify which terms are blocking agreement and update your positions in real-time. Move toward agreement by making offers or suggesting trades, enabling your team to be more autonomous in the negotiation process.

Prepare for your next jour fixe.

Check the status of your team’s open negotiations and receive instant updates when progress is made. Record an audit trail of all movement within a negotiation and analyse deal, contract and team-level statistics.

Unlock insights within your deals.

Discover how long it takes to reach agreement, which terms are most often negotiated, how cooperative your partners are and most importantly, what you can do to improve the process.

Execute tailored contracts. Begin great partnerships.

Generate signature-ready contracts that reflect all agreed terms within your standard boilerplate. Shorten the time it takes your team to close deals and ensure contracts stay within company guidelines.

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Contract Managers

Internal champions of contracting standards across diverse, revenue-generating business units.

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Procurement Managers

Strategic sourcing partners optimizing every purchase from office supplies to outsourcing projects

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Sales Managers

Hunters and farmers dedicated to building client relationships and generating revenue.

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Legal Counsel

Trusted advisors helping businesses understand and evaluate risk in an increasingly uncertain environment.

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Automate the tedious parts of your contract negotiations. Find out what it takes to get deals done.

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